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Energy Management KPI Metrics

Energy Management KPI Metrics

In my previous post, I discussed 3 factors of energy savings to consider when assessing energy consumption.  And over the past several weeks I’ve been working with customers who are engaged or engaging in programs to improve their overall production capacity through improved equipment reliability.  These are exciting programs and a staple to all long […]

3 Factors of Energy Savings to Consid...

3 Factors of Energy Savings to Consider When Assessing Energy Consumption

In fulfilling the role of an Energy Manager, it is important to understand how energy is consumed.  This is true not only for the facility or plant as a whole, but also by an individual piece of equipment. At some point in time, you’ve either been asked or will be asked to assess or evaluate […]

Industrial Energy Management Study

Research Results

For the past several years, Plant Engineering has conducted annual energy management studies in an effort to identify high level findings which are impacting manufacturing industries. They conducted this research at the end of Q1 and published their findings mid Q2 2015. Typically in years past I’ve been more timely in my review of this […]

Help me Support the Fight against Typ...

Help me Support the Fight against Type 1 Diabetes!

Well, it’s been a very busy year and I haven’t had much time to even think about posting.  I have a number of great posts in the que and just need to spend some weekends getting them posted.  Sorry for the time away.  I promise to get this back up and bouncing in the coming […]

Obtaining Buy-In for Your Maintenance...

Obtaining Buy-In for Your Maintenance & Reliability Program

As we approach the weekend, I am looking forward to attending Doble’s 2013 Life of a Transformer Seminar.  I’m excited about the opportunity to engage with other Asset Management minded folks who are interested in exploring ways to improve their current maintenance and reliability strategies.  Not to mention, I’m excited about the venue and a […]

‘Energy Management as a By-Prod...

‘Energy Management as a By-Product of Reliability’ Webinar

  I want to take a quick second to invite everyone to a free Webinar hosted by on the topic of “Energy Management as a By-Product of Reliability”.  The Webinar is scheduled for Friday, November 16, 2012 from 1pm – 2pm EDT. I’ve been told that space is limited and filling up quickly.  Sorry, […]

Energy Management – SPL

Energy Management – SPL

What a great week!  I find myself in Orlando, FL at The Society of Maintenance and Reliability Professional’s (SMRP) annual conference discussing the topic of equipment reliability with many of the attendee’s.  I am always amazed at the high level or rich content provided through the many Workshops, Track Sessions, and side events which SMRP’s conference […]

Measuring to Success

Measuring to Success

We’ve probably all heard this discussed a time or two before, but I feel the practice of measuring to track progress of obtaining goals is instrumental to nearly everything we do (professional and personal).     I think the graphic above best describes the characteristics of “Winning” Key Performance Indicators. What’s meant by winning KPI’s? […]

How to Obtain the Advocacy of Plant M...

How to Obtain the Advocacy of Plant Management for Your Energy Management Efforts

If your plant is similar to the many hundreds of plants I have worked with, you likely have to compete for the attention and support of plant management. This simple fact is inevitable. Every single organization has numerous ongoing efforts with the intent to help support and achieve the goals which the organization values and […]

Five Important Factors that Affect th...

Five Important Factors that Affect the Performance of the Plant Energy Management Efforts

A couple of months ago, I received an email from SustainablePlant where this picture was attached. The message was simple: Join Sustainable Plant in all things silly and submit a caption in the comments section for this month’s Substainably Silly cartoon contest. Although I didn’t submit a caption, this picture sure got me thinking of […]

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